Prostitution & The Houston Criminal Sex Environment

On the streets of Houston, TX there are beds of lust and illicit action that takes place within various communities. Different cities have designated areas where prostitutes do business to make money for drugs. Various crimes take place in these areas and many people are jailed, contract venereal diseases and are sexually abused during the process. Some people are even raped, tortured and held against their will to make this industry thrive. The state of Texas is a leading region where prostitution thrives. A good Houston criminal defense lawyer will always have people walking into their law firm with criminal cases involving sex on the Harris County court docket.

The Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer

A Necessary Check & Balance

Sandra Oballe, a respected Houston criminal defense lawyer is in a profession that requires her to protect criminals in sexual rape cases try to get them reduced sentences; that’s if they’re guilty. The law demands that people have the right to legal defense. However, sex crimes are punished by those in the penal system who usually detest this type of behavior. On the streets of Houston, prostitutes roam around looking for clients. They will sell their bodies to gain money for their pimps or to pay the local drug dealer. The heroin dealer is now the new pimp of this era. He loves his prostitutes because they help to fuel his business and new recruits.

Child Molestation & Child Pornography

Some lowlifes roam the streets looking for young kids to molest. This is a sickening thing that happens in Texas and all over the nation. Possession of child pornography is a crime that quite a few people indulge in. They often look for kids on the streets to gain new souls to exploit. They make films and movies about molesting and abusing kids. They then upload this sickening material to places such as the Dark Web. People buy this garbage with cryptocurrencies and view the disgusting acts. Federal charges have been leveled against thousands of people for this kind of behavior.

Prostitution in Houston, TX

Lady in need of a Houston criminal defense lawyerThe perversion that takes place on the back roads, alleys and behind closed doors in Texas must be confronted. The case of Elizabeth Wandell is living proof of this truth. Elizabeth Wandell is from the Baytown Area and she is a known prostitute that works the streets to support her drug habit. During her time on the streets she has seen young teenage girls turned out for drugs.

She has witnessed brutal rapes by multiple assailants on one person and she has experienced brutality by demented people she had sexual encounters with for money. Wandell tried to escape her disturbing life, but her drug addiction keeps her deeply involved. She is fighting this issue with everything she has but the pull of drugs on her soul is hard to stop. This is another example about the people whose lives are being ripped apart by drugs, sex, child pornography and prostitution. Thankfully, there are people and organizations who provide hope for women like Wandell. Maybe one day, she will make it out of this lifestyle. Otherwise, a top Houston criminal defense attorney will need to be on call.